How to buy a voucher: 

You can buy a voucher as well as any other product from our store. As soon as your payment will be received, your voucher will be activated and send by email to you.


How to transfer a voucher:

Gift vouchers are fully transferable. If you like to start a transfer, you can use the "Send Gift Voucher" button in your shopping cart. You will be asked for following information: name of the recipient, a valid email address and leave a short notice if you want. You can transfer the complete voucher or even a partial amount. 


How to use a voucher:

When the voucher balance is visible in your shopping cart you can use it during checkout process.


How to add a gift voucher to your account:

If you have received an email with a gift voucher balance you can use it in two ways:
1. Hit the link within your email and add the voucher balance to your account (or create an account).  
2. When you have added a product to your shopping cart, you can add the gift voucher directly to the cart.


If there are some more questions or problems:
Feel free to ask. You can use our contact form or write a short message. Be so kind and provide following details to us: precise description of the problem, your account number, voucher code, error messages and the web browser you have used.